The House

Facing the 12th-century castle, just down from the church, Au Pied du Château is a small town house on a cobblestone pedestrian street, with two bedrooms, fitted kitchen, full bath, half bath, and living room on two floors. The master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath comprise the 600 square feet of the ground floor. The second floor houses the dortoir, with five beds that can sleep six in a pinch, and as well as a toilet and sink. The basement houses washer and dryer, tools and storage.

For the summer of 2023, we have added a south-facing 60-square-foot balcony and 500-square-foot private courtyard for relaxing and dining.

In its 400-plus years, Au Pied du Château has witnessed quite a bit of history. In addition to its patch of grass by the front door, the house faces the château’s park and gardens across the street, with benches, trees, and pretty views across the Dronne River. A few steps down Rue de l’Église takes you to the village square, where you may enjoy a drink under the trees at one of the cafés.

Au Pied du Château is heated and cooled by two modern mini-split units that keep it comfortable all year round.

People more than 6 feet tall (180 cm) may find the low beams and ceilings on the second floor challenging to their stature.