Au Pied du Chateau, a stone house from the 13th century
Across from the castle on an historic pedestrian-only street
A cook’s kitchen with cabinets, counters, pots, pans, dishes, and appliances
Salon for living and dining
Master bedroom on main floor
Dortoir upstairs with three beds
Bathroom with shower
Onto the balcony and courtyard
Breakfast in the courtyard
Courtyard and balcony
Looking out the front door
Looking up the street
Enjoying an apéritif in front of the house
A medieval village
Au Pied du Chateau viewed from the castle window
Lunch at the café at the corner
Dessert in the restaurant down the street
Picnic in the park up the street
Sitting area upstairs
At the restaurant three doors up the street
Supper by the fire
At the bakery
In the dungeon at the castle
Walking back home from the bakery
Picnic the park by the river
Café in Perigueux
Monday is Music Night in the town square
Salon for living and dining
On mange bien Au Pied du Chateau

Click to see a video of Bourdeilles and Au Pied du Chateau, from Michel Izard of TF1. Fast-forward to 4:30.