Jim & Kathi Lengel

live at...

Crossett Hill Lodge
...in the mountains of Vermont for half the year. When they are elsewhere, they rent the two units that each sleep six in two bedrooms with two baths. As well as a small studio for two. For three months of the year, Kathi and Jim live in...

Au Pied du Château
...a quiet village in the Périgord in the south of France. When they are not there, they rent the house that sleeps six in two bedrooms with 1.5 baths. In the summer, Kathi and Jim live...

Camp L-More
...on the waterfront at Lake Elmore in Vermont. When they are elsewhere in the summer, they rent the cottage that sleeps six in two bedrooms with 1 bath. And 11 boats.

Jim may be reached at jim@lengel.net, or by text or voice at +1 508 904 0749.
Kathi may be reached at kathi@lengel.net, or by text otr voice at +1 401 835 4736.
Their mailing address is Box 341, Waterbury, VT 05676.


Education 1.2.1
Our 2016 book on one-to-one technology in schools is available on the iBooks Store.

Education 3.0
Jim's book on vision and planning for schools is published by Teacher's College Press.

Integrating Technology
Kathi and Jim wrote this book about putting technology to work in schools. It's published by Allyn and Bacon.

Law in American History
Jim's textbook for middle and high-school on the role of law in shaping American history.

Web Wizard's Guide to Multimedia
Jim's textbook on multimedia for the web.

Web Wizard's Guide to Web Design
Jim's textbook on web design.